Thursday, 25 June 2009

Andre Galvao and Leo Viera

Here is a cool clip of Andre Galvao and Leo Viera playing around with the stability ball. The stability ball is a great tool to use to help your jiu-jitsu. It can help develope strength, conditioning and very important dynamic balance which will help with passing the guard.
Ive got a couple of cool instructional clips I found to get you started that Ive been playing around with and I definately recon it's worth a go, it will help your balance and it's a lot of fun!
Use this clip to give you some ideas and to motivate you to get your hands on a ball.
Ill post the first instructional clip to get you started with this weekend.

(Cant let Darell be the only person squatting on the ball :-)! )

1 comment:

  1. Wow I can see some pretty serious injurys before we get the knack of that one.
    I watched a clip where the guy actually ran onto the ball purposefully flipped onto his back and did that neck roll with a back was pretty insane.
    Will be trying some of those in the morrow....a great way to start the weekend;)