Monday, 3 December 2012

It's not about winning!

Jason, Dave, Kev and Seb ("do I have to train in a gi") all represented Phoenix this weekend at the Hereford Open.
All performed really well and came away with plenty of ideas on areas of their games that need developing.
Jason took Gold, Seb had several tough matches and took Bronze. Neither Kev or Dave placed but learnt valuable lessons from the experience.

One of the guys told me he was dissapointed in the fact he did not "win".

Winning for me is a problematic concept in Jiu-jitsu now days. There are so many factors that enter into the equation here. Who was having a better day on the day due to fatigue, injury, mental state etc.
Also I was taught by my coach that Jiu-jitsu really shows with true dominance of an opponent in a match, (think vintage Roger Gracie here), passing the guard or sweeping, side to mount, solid unquestionable positional control centered around securing the finish.
Not about edging out an advantage and waiting for time to run out to "win" a match.

The goal should be seeking to dominate your opponent and work for the submission.
All you can do on a given day for a competition is attempt to ensure you are physically prepared, menatlly ready to try and impose your (hopefully submission centered) game on your opponent and then go and leave it all on the mat.
There is not a lot else you can do.

Once it's over look at yourself, what worked and what did'nt, chat to your coaches and teamamtes and come Monday night get back on the mat and work on it.