Monday, 8 June 2009

Gameplan Design

The Gameplan is an organisational tool that will help streamline your training and allow it to always have direction.
It's basicly a start to finish outline of what you use on the mat, from shaking hands to submission.
Ideally do a rough draft on paper but keep it as a word document as it makes it easier to update, and you should be updating it regularly! It's a living thing and you will be adjusting and refining it all the time.

It's a framework of techniques for each position, i.e. CLOSED GUARD: armbar-triangle-... you will then have details for all you've learnt for each of these, i.e. triangle: control the head, clamp down with shin etc.

It's very important that you use a standardized format and terminology so that if you look back in 6 months you know what the heck you were talking about.

STARTING: Standing: Gi: your gripping system, grips you work for, takedowns, pull guard
No Gi Standing: armdrag single ,double leg etc
*note:these are just hypothetical examples to give you ideas.

Important that you have CONTINGENCY SITUATIONS, what ifs...
Must have your objectives outlined at the start of each position:
e.g.GUARD: Objectives: submit, sweep, take the back, submit!
(important to note that you must have gi and no gi gameplans for each position, they may very well be similar but should still be seperate. Can even have MMA gameplan.)
e.g.GI GUARD -double wrist control to push/pull triangle
-collar and sleeve control to cross choke-armabar-triangle

Dont just list every technique that you know! That could go on for pages and pages and isnt focused enough.
Must have Positions Of Referance
e.g. for guard, double wrist control, collar/sleeve, etc then have options in bullet form off that.

-initial grip 1
-initial grip 2 -option 1
-option 2...
Then contingency plan:
-if he escapes triangle-hard transition to omopalata
-look to face plant opponent
-get sweep
It's also important to have transitions- if in a scramble need to look for POSITIONS OF REFERANCE,i.i to lock in a submission or position.
e.g if opp passing your guard and it's almost passed, dont be stubborn and hang on just to waste energy and get passed, have transitions planned.
Getting guard passed- turtle out-granby roll to reposition guard
-hit double or single leg
-turtle guard sweep

Now work your way through all 8 Primary Positions doing the same thing.

It's also important to include "your" techniques, find the techniques that work for YOU in each position.
You dont have to include every conceivable type of guard. If you suck at butterfly guard, dont play it, likewise for De La Riva Guard etc stick to the 8 primary positions and work from there.
It can be as deatilaed or simple as necessary.
Remember this is your A-Game!! Choose techniques that you would use to step onto the mat and win now.

This is where the learning happens as it will allow you to now start to identify the holes in your game. The areas you need to work on get stuck onto your training game-plan or your B-Game and get worked on, when you pulling them off regularly then add it to your A-Game.

Once done the primary positions then remember their opposites, i.e under mount, passing guard etc.
I know the initial process is a pain in the a$$ to get started but you just need to do it! Once the basic outline is done it gets easier and starts to come alive.

I hope this helps, if you have any questions give me a shout and Ill do my best to try answer them.
Now get that gameplan down!

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