Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Play Jiu-jitsu

Why do we say play jiu-jitsu when talking about training?

Think back to your childhood and to years dominated by playtime, when there seemed to be endless hours to fill and the only objective was to be captivated in the moment,

to have fun.

Playtime was also productive however, even if as kids we didnt realise it. Activities like soccer, playing tag, marbles, blocks and playing games were all exercises in resourcefulness, decision making, strategy, design, planning, creativity and risk taking.

In play we did not avoid facing obstacles, we looked for them! By voluntarily challenging ourselves. We eagerly tacled seemingly insurmountable odds- height, size, speed, lack of money- to make our dreams a reality.

Using our imagination we climbed Mt.Everest, fought the biggest bad guys, surfed huge waves, were champions, doctors, ran our own businesses. We voluntarily tested ourselves and accepted failure as part of play. We ran, fell and wiped out but got straight up and ran again. When we lost a game we simply started a new one.

I think theres a lot we can learn from and apply when we watch our kids play.

Now go play jiu-jitsu.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Training Assignments


Here's a Monday training assignment for
you I picked up, I want you to pick one sweep
and one choke from positions that
you get to the most and only
use those 2 moves for the next
week, if you like it I want you to
push it out for 2 weeks.

So your assignment right now is
to write down what your one
sweep will be and what your one
choke will be.

Then think about the positions that
you need to get to for the move and
which of your teammates you're
able to attain these positions on.

Then make sure that you get to
work with them, you can also ask
your instructor if you can get
paired up with them because you
want to work on a specific technique
set and they are the best partner for

That's it. And let
me know how the week went.

Have fun.