Friday, 24 February 2012

BJJ Workouts!

I often get asked for advice with regards to conditioning for BJJ.
It can be a really difficult task balancing everything, work, family, training, recreation time, studying...and then still find the time and energy for conditioning outside of Jiu-jitsu.

A lot of routines dont work for the average guy who has a life outside of Jiu-jitsu but still wants to be in as good a condition as possible for Jiu-jitsu (allowing us to get the most out of training, stay injury free and be in shape to compete). Routines often demand too much of our time, time we often just dont have, and also cut heavily into our recovery ability.
While others arent specific to the demands of our sport (for Jiu-jitsu should read - way of life).

Ive been training Jiu-jitsu for going on 14 years now and have always had an interest in physical training, especially for sport and especially Jiu-jitsu.
Ive read, watched, studied, worked with and spoken to a lot of peaople about conditioning and even lecture on an Exercise Science Degree.
But Im a big believer in the concept of Mentorship in self-developement.
Having someone we can turn to for advice and guidance in certain areas of our life.
There are a lot of good strength and conditioning coaches out there now, but only a VERY small handfull with not only the know how but also the experience of designing conditioning routines for, not only Jiu-jitsu athletes but Jiu-jitsu players with "real lives", those who dont have the luxury of training twice a day every day.
But one of the best Ive come across and have been fortunate enough to call "Coach" is Jason C. Brown.

I first came across Coach Jason several years ago when I got a dvd on Kettlebells For Combat Grapplers, which he had done with Zac Evan Esch (another great strength coach!).
I emailed Coach Jason for some training advice and was blown away with the results I achieved, since then he's been my go to Coach for strength and conditioning advice.
Jason has years of experience not only working with both high level Jiu-jitsu athletes and the rest of us, but also training and is a Purple Belt in Jiu-jitsu himself.
Jason is an expert in the field of fitness and conditioning training and a really good person.
I cant recomend Coach Jason C. Brown highly enough, (thats why I turn to him for advice :-) ).
His sight BJJWORKOUTS.COM which has a link here on my site is a great source for training information and advice, he also offers a couple of awesome products such as his new online programs KETTLEBELL TRAINING FOR BJJ 2.0, Expert Program Critique coaching by email and his new product with Brown Belt Josh Vogel LEVERAGE: FIRST BLOOD.

Leverage:First Blood is awesome! Although aimed at people fairly early on in their BJJ careers, I believe it's focus on the FUNDAMENTALS of Jiu-jitsu AND conditioning make it a great product for everyone.
Fundamentals are the core concepts, the basics behind everything we do in Jiu-jitsu and are the things that the high level guys have mastered and allow them to do the amazing things they do on the mat.
They are our foundation!

Ive spent a lot of money over the years on both Jiu-jitsu and conditioning tuition and instructional material and this is, in my opinion, a definate must.
There is a link to both Coach Jasons BJJ Workouts site and the Leverage program on my blog page where you will be able to get lots more info about him and the programs.

Check them out, train hard and train smart.
Have a good weekend

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Self Confidence...

One of the Jiu-jitsu players I admire most, and was tanks to my mate Jimmy, fortunate enough to meet and train with briefly is Fernando "TererĂª" Augusto da Silva.

I recently re-watched his 2003 JIU-JITSU WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP match against Marcelo Garcia who was rapidly establishing himself as one of the new pound-for-pound best Jiu-jitsu players in the world.
A lot of people expected him to beat Terere' but Terere' went onto dominate Marcelo, pass his guard and submit him with a triangle.
In this match you can see he’s really confident; afterwards you can see him go off celebrating and saying, ‘I told you! I told you I’d get him.’

This match for me always serves to remind me of the importance of believing in yourself. Having confidence in yourself makes a big difference.

Monday, 20 February 2012

A Secret To Success in Jiu-Jitsu

“The key to success is to keep turning up.” Brian Houstan (Hillsong church).