Saturday, 6 June 2009

2009 Worlds Have Begun!

The 2009 World Championships are on the go at the moment in the U.S. again, it appears the Championships new home.
The middle-weight division is stacked with incredible talent and will definately be the division to keep an eye on.
Some of the names in the 38 fighter bracket include: Mike Fowler, Kron Gracie, Lucas Leite (the guy who edged out Kron earlier this year on points in the finals), Edson Diniz, Regis Lebre and Marcelo Garcia!
Featherweight will also see "Cobrinha" stacked against Mario Reis and
Rafael Mendes who beat him earlier in the Abu Dhabi World Pro Cup in a six-minute match, Cobrinha apparently cracked a smile. “So let’s see, with 10-minute matches, things are different. I’m going to turn on the turbines the whole ten minutes, without stopping.”
Xande Ribeiro defending open weight Champion is out due to injury.
There are going to be some awesome matches this weekend!

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