Friday, 3 July 2009

Stability Ball for BJJ 1

Part 1 of an excellent series on using the physio ball for BJJ by Roberto Torralbas. He explains applications for the various exercises with a partner and breaks it down really well. (a common trait with Master Lloyd trained students)
Give this a try for a couple of minutes before or after your training this week and Ill get part 2 up next week.
Have a great Friday,


  1. hey bro....iv been training hard but as you know cant get getto gi work and rolling has improved can i get gradded when i need to???

  2. hey bro,
    chat to Darrel Moodley, he runs the club for me in SA now OR plan a holiday to the UK some-time and ill grade you. about time we changed that belt bro!
    email me on my gmail account and we can make a plan.