Monday, 7 November 2011

Rest In Peace Bro... 11/07/2011

You were a warrior fighting for your soul
Taken from this world below
We who are left
Need to remember how it used to be
In the light of day it's easy to see
Now it's nighttime
You had to leave
water's always rushing and we keep trying to swim against the stream
And it seems, like your not moving the many water's gushing you gasp for air
Almost drowning ears ringing, once upon a time we were singing
Life trying to make us forget we got a job to do
we can't be moved
Descended to the pit
What's this feeling can't get rid of it
Soul sick
Can't seem to shake it
When one retires at night weeping, joy will come in the morning
Like an ancient memory
Remember how it used to be
Close our eyes and breath in
That's the scent of freedom
Ringing across the sea
One day will wake up from this sleep and we'll stop dreaming,

Rest in peace bro...
Youll be missed


  1. I remember the first time I met Dean, which just so happened to be when I had to spar with him. Scared as hell because of all the hype about his punching power. I realised that hype was justified after the session. He helped me improve my skills and also kept Novagen running when we went through a tough patch. Thanks Deano. Rest in peace bro.

  2. I remember that fight so well Micah...he was so proud. He respected you greatly and you were such an inspiration to him! Lisa