Friday, 16 October 2009

Training with Master "Broca"

Fridays workout was great, it was taken again by Master Broca.

Here's a bit more information about Walter "Broca" Jr:

  • 3rd Degree BJJ Black Belt & No-Gi World Champion
  • BJJ Coach of UFC Light Heavy Weight Champion Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida
  • 2x Black Belt Mundial World Champion
  • 2x Black Belt Mundial Silver Medalist
  • 2x Black Belt Brazilian Nationals Winner
  • 6x North & North East Champion
  • 3x Brazilian Nationals Champion
  • Professional Record with 11 Wins
    ALL via Submission
It was a great class with some call warm up drills.Broca then taught 2 techniques, an escape from half guard and then using the same technique to set up am omopalata or gogopalata.
It was then on to an hour or so of rolling.
It was great to get to roll with Broca and to see how smoothly such a big guy moves. He weighes around 120kilos and was playing for some cool deep half guard sweeps, catching me repeatedly with one I could see he was working on, and most impressive of all to me was he used no strength at all. With such a big guy with such awesome technique he must be scary when he does use strength.
Master Broca was great to train with and I picked up a couple of great pointers from him and learnt some new drills. Ill hopefully get to train a bit more with him while he's around.
Ill try post some picks soon.

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